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Study society's origins, development, organization, networks, and institutions.


Develop the skills to understand and challenge social behaviour, societal norms, and how societies operate.

Are you interested in the way society works? Do you have a passion for social movements and issues relating to age, class, cultural identities, gender, race, and more? The Sociology program at Laurentian University allows you to explore these topics and learn how to conduct meaningful research. The four-year program is offered full-time on campus. It can also be taken online as a concentration or minor. 

You can also further specialize and get a competitive edge by completing the Certificate in Social Research Methods or the Certificate in Family Life Studies and Human Sexuality at the same time as your degree.

What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of society, human behaviour and social interactions, and how social norms are created and maintained. 

What you’ll learn

Throughout the program, you’ll develop the knowledge and skills to critically understand and challenge social behaviour, societal norms, and how the social world operates. You’ll also learn how to use theory to frame and make sense of social problems. You can take a wide range of courses, with topics including children, youth, and the family, sexuality, disability, Indigenous Peoples, cultural marginality, social inequality, education and pedagogy, the environment, immigration, globalization, labour, pop culture, social movements, media, and the criminal justice system. 

When you graduate

At the end of your studies, you’ll be equipped with critical thinking, analytical, and research skills necessary to understand and address social issues. Students who complete the four-year program will receive a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and be prepared for many careers in social services, public policy, community development, and more.

Key Features

A book with a hand flipping through the pages
Obtain knowledge and skills that are attractive to a broad job market.
A computer with a graduation cap on it
Develop and enhance your critical thinking and communication skills.
A head with a thinking bubble in it
Gain specialized skills in applied social research and practical training in conducting meaningful research.

Career Opportunities

  • Policy Analyst
  • Research Officer 
  • Program Developer/Evaluator
  • Community Development
  • Human Rights Officer
  • Child Welfare and Social Service Worker
  • Public Relations Specialist
Breanna Boissonneault sitting at a table writing in a book

Breanna Boissonneault

Small class sizes, responsive professors, motivated peers, and ample opportunities for success are only some things I love about Laurentian! As a sociology major, I have had the opportunity to determine my own future. Coming Into post-secondary, I was intimidated and didn't know what to expect. With the guidance, support, and encouragement of the faculty here at the university, I have been able to carve my own path, taking courses of interest to me and conducting research in fields that interest me! Whether I'm participating in critical discussions in small classes or conducting impactful research, every experience has been meliorating. I have met amazing people and created everlasting memories alongside the educational benefits. With many institutions to choose from, choosing Laurentian University has been a defining decision in shaping my educational and personal advancements. Here, I've found a fulfilling education and an amending support system that has propelled me toward personal and academic growth and excellence.

Breanna Boissonneault sitting at a table writing in a book

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